About us

England Ice Hockey is the National Governing Body (NGB) responsible for the governance, administration, development and promotion of the sport of ice hockey in England and Wales. The Association oversees grassroots (junior) ice hockey, women’s ice hockey, senior ice hockey, para (sledge) ice hockey and recreational (community) ice hockey.

England Ice Hockey supports clubs, players, coaches and officials, and schedules and sanctions competitions tournaments and in the interests of promoting the sport of ice hockey. We have over 400 member clubs and teams, 9,000 individual registered players, and a volunteer workforce of over 1,000 people.

To ensure the successful development of the sport of ice hockey in England and Wales, England Ice Hockey works with the various stakeholders including Ice Hockey UK (IHUK), the Scottish Ice Hockey Association (SIH), the International Ice Hockey Association (IIHF), ice rinks throughout England and Wales, and our Member Clubs.

Overseen by a Board of Directors, England Ice Hockey is a members’ organisation that operates across three main levels to support the development and administration of ice hockey in England and Wales. Find out more about our Board and Members here.

Internal stakeholders: These are the dedicated individuals within our organisation, both paid and volunteers, who invest their time and expertise in driving our mission forward.

Community engagement: This encompasses our affiliated clubs, their players, and everyone else actively contributing to the expansion of the sport.

External stakeholders: These are organisations and individuals we collaborate closely with, extending our support network and receiving valuable assistance.

Our Sections

The National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) is a senior hockey competition under England Ice Hockey umbrella and features 51 clubs from across the length and breadth of England and Wales as well as a club in southwest Scotland.

The leagues accept both male and female players, and are divided into separate competitions:

  • NIHL National Division
  • NIHL Division 1 (North & South)
  • NIHL Division 2 (North & South)

The Women’s National Ice Hockey League (WNIHL) is a senior women’s ice hockey competition under England Ice Hockey. It includes 31 clubs throughout England, Wales, and southwest Scotland.

It features four separate competitions:

  • WNIHL Elite Division
  • WNIHL 1
  • WNIHL 2
  • WNIHL U16 Girls

The WNIHL is a unique ice hockey league under England Ice Hockey, as the only league to feature promotion and relegation between divisions.

35 junior ice hockey clubs operate in association with England Ice Hockey, with teams ranging from the U10 to U18 age groups.

U10 teams play cross-ice games to aid development, whereas U12s to U18s play in league structures including a multiple-day Junior Finals event at the end of the season.

U10 and U12 ice hockey is non-contact to aid skill formation and to safeguard against injuries. All older age groups play full contact ice hockey.

The England National Team Programme (ENTP) is part of England Ice Hockey’s elite pathway for junior ice hockey players in England and Wales. Trials are held throughout the season for junior players to become part of the ENTP.

There are over 140 recreational ice hockey clubs affiliated with England Ice Hockey. The Recreational Section is committed to developing ice hockey as a leisure activity, with games played within a safe environment but without the constraints of either a formal season or league structure.

Membership is open to all without prejudice to playing ability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, race, or gender.

Para Ice Hockey (or Sledge Ice Hockey) was brought in partnership with England Ice Hockey in July 2022.

The British Para Ice Hockey League runs from May to September and currently includes four clubs: Sheffield Steelkings, Manchester Mayhem, Peterborough Phantoms, and Cardiff Huskies. Sheffield Steelkings also has a development team, Sheffield Steelstings.

All teams are fully inclusive and invite both disabled and able-bodied players to join.

SEN ice hockey caters for children and adults of differing ages and abilities who have developmental disabilities. Special hockey is non-contact, non-competitive and focuses on improving health and well-being.