Concussion records

GameDay can be used to view concussion records. You must report concussion using the injury reporting form. Remember: If in doubt, sit them out!

Follow the guidance regarding concussion on our web page here.


Injury reporting

Injuries and concussions should still be reported to EIH via the following form: Injury Report Form

Follow the guidance regarding injury reporting on our web page here.




When will we be notified of the outcome of a DOPS investigation?

Clubs are normally notified of the outcome of DOPS investigations within a week of the alleged incident. Notifications are sent to clubs towards the end of each week.


How do I ask for a video review?

Clubs can request a video review as per the league rules using the following form:


Tournaments and camps

All tournaments and camps hosted by EIH clubs must be sanctioned by England Ice Hockey. To travel to international tournaments, or invite international teams to participate in the UK, clubs must receive approval from England Ice Hockey and IHUK.

All applications must adhere to the requirements outlined in the EIH Rules and Regulations. For a template risk assessment for travelling to a tournament, please see our Safer Sport page.

Clubs travelling abroad will require their own travel insurance from 2024.

International Transfer Cards (ITCs)

Any player who wishes to participate in a hockey competition under the jurisdiction of any National Association (e.g., a different country) other than their current National Association is required to obtain an International Transfer Card (ITC).

International Transfer rules are a requirement of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and all EIH affiliated members must comply with these rules.

A player’s playing rights belong to their country of birth – this need not be their nationality.


Who requires an ITC?

  • Any player who was not born in the UK.
  • Any British citizen born abroad.
  • Any player who has been playing abroad*.

*Any player born in the UK who has previously been registered in the UK but has been playing abroad on a Limited International Transfer does not need an international transfer to return to the UK when it has expired. Their playing rights automatically revert back to the UK on expiry.

Note: players only playing Rec Hockey and/or University Hockey do not require an ITC. Training only players do not require an ITC, however, approval must be sought from IHUK.


How do I apply for an ITC?

All documents must be in PDF format, sent as individual files, full size, and readable with all sections completed. A club representative must also sign the document.

  • International Transfer Application: IHUK ITC Application
  • If requesting an Unlimited Transfer, the Unlimited Transfer Request Form must also be completed: IHUK Unlimited Transfer Request
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Canadian Only – letter from parents confirming the player has moved to the UK with the family. Hockey Canada will not approve a transfer without this letter.

All transfers are processed on the IIHF electronic transfer system.

For Junior International Transfers, Ice Hockey UK charge an administration fee of £78 (this fee is set by IHUK and is subject to change from time to time. EIH will not be responsible for any increase in fees).

The charge for the Senior International Transfer is set by the IIHF and is currently £900 for male players and £600 for female players.


Coach Support

How do I access my training?

Coach training is delivered through a mix of in-person training and online courses. EIH currently use UK Coaching for the delivery of e-learning.

Once a coach has registered and has the pre-requisites, their registration will be approved for a temporary 90 day license. They will then receive a code to access the UK Coaching portal to complete any outstanding e-learning.


I haven’t received my code, what do I do?

UK Coaching codes are normally sent by the Friday of the week you have registered. If you don’t receive a code, check if your registration is still pending. If it has been approved, contact


My code isn’t working, what do I do?

Make sure you are entering your code into the ‘Premium Subscription’ on UK Coaching, rather than an individual course. Individual courses need to be purchased by the coach (you will get this discounted with your premium subscription).

If you previously had the premium subscription, search upgrade to enter your code and renew the subscription (we advise waiting until the current subscription is due to expire to receive the full benefit).

All premium subscriptions last for 12 months from the date they were activated.


What courses do I need to do?

Check the coaching regulations for the courses you need to complete. Some courses only need to be taken once, whereas some, such as safeguarding, concussion, CPR and first aid, need to be completed every three years.

Check with your club secretary or the EIH CEP registration secretary if you are unsure of what to do.


Where do I find a first aid course?

EIH have a number of courses that are accepted. Check the Coach Regulations for the latest guidance. If you have found a course and are unsure if it meets the requirements, please email


How do I apply for the accelerated coach programme?

EIH offer an accelerated coaching programme. Check that you meet the eligibility in the Coaching Regulations and apply using the form below.


Media requests

England Ice Hockey love to celebrate individual and club achievements, as well as promote activities and good news events / stories that further the sport of ice hockey. If you have anything you would like the media team to share, please send your request via the form below.

We also love to see your match day pictures, so please feel free to email with any match action, detailing and credit needed to be given.