Managers in ice hockey play a key role in the smooth running of the sport, dealing with the logistical and interpersonal workings of the team. From organising schedules, to communicating with coaches, players, parents and the opposition, a manager helps ensure a positive and seamless experience for team and club participants.

England Ice Hockey work closely with UK Coaching to deliver a comprehensive pathway and help support and develop managers to provide the best possible experience in ice hockey.

England Ice Hockey currently offers the following manager qualifications:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Advanced Manager (invitation only)

All managers must register directly with England Ice Hockey using the online portal. Registrations must be approved by England Ice Hockey before the manager’s license and insurance are confirmed. For more on registration, including terms and conditions of registration, please see section 1 of England Ice Hockey Rule Book.

It is mandatory for all managers to:

  • be registered with England Ice Hockey
  • have paid all required fees and dues to England Ice Hockey
  • understand the rules and regulations for the sport
  • understand the rules for the age group and competition they will be managing
  • follow England Ice Hockey Code of Conduct & Ethics and follow all England Ice Hockey rules, regulations and policies
  • comply with WADA’s Anti-Doping Code and UKAD’s Anti-Doping Policy
  • have a DBS clearance if working with U18s
  • have undertaken an England Ice Hockey manager qualification
  • be able to communicate effectively in English

How to join

All individuals must follow their affiliated club’s membership process and then register with England Ice Hockey via their club. Registration will be accepted following the submission of any required documents, such as ID, and approval from England Ice Hockey and its affiliated club.

Clubs are accessible and friendly environments providing a range of ice hockey opportunities to meet your needs, from junior and senior hockey, to recreational (casual) opportunities and clubs dedicated to meeting the needs of Para and SEND participants.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing ice hockey semi-professionally, want to play for fun, or want to volunteer as a coach or off-ice official, our opportunities and variety of clubs aim to make sure ice hockey is accessible to all.

As every club is unique and has its own fees, rules and regulations, we recommend contacting them directly to see how they can meet your needs.

For full details of registration costs, benefits and terms and conditions, please see our Get Involved page.