Media Accreditation

Media accreditation for the following events are now open.

  • NIHL Southern Finals 2024

  • NIHL Northern Finals 2024

  • Planet Ice NIHL Final Four 2024

  • U12’s Junior Nationals 2024

  • U14 – U18’s Junior Nationals 2024


To apply for Media Accreditation, click here: Media Accreditation.



Entitlement of Accreditation

All submitted media accreditation applications are subject to approval by England Ice Hockey Events Team and the organiser.

General Access Policy

All accredited media shall have free access to cover the event. All accredited media shall have access to the media suite if space allows for this along with the opportunity to be rink side.

If the number of reporters exceeds the number of seats in the media suites, the organisers have the right to make special priority arrangements.

Things to Observe for Accredited Media

The media suites (if available) are areas for working press only and the officials associated with media relations. These are designated areas for working press and must be respected as such.

Therefore we ask you observe the following rules in order to maintain the respect of the working areas:

Wearing team jerseys or any excessive fan apparel in those designated working areas for media is considered as improper and accredited journalists who do, will be asked to remove the apparel.

Excessive cheering and “fan behaviour” in the press tribune and media centre will be strongly reprimanded as it is considered unprofessional, and is disturbing for working media.

Accredited journalists are not allowed to ask players for autographs at any time in any of the above-mentioned designated media working areas.

Accredited reporters are not allowed to switch accreditation passes with representatives of other media outlets in order to get unauthorised access.

Breach of these rules may result in the media accreditation being revoked.

There will be absolutely no accreditation requests approved on site.