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England Ice Hockey (EIH) serves as the National Governing Body (NGB) with the primary responsibility for the governance, administration, advancement, and promotion of ice hockey in England and Wales.

EIH oversees a diverse range of ice hockey categories, including grassroots (junior) ice hockey, women’s ice hockey, senior ice hockey, para (sledge) ice hockey, and recreational (community) ice hockey.

EIH is a membership-based organization that provides support to clubs, players, coaches, and officials. The association also manages the scheduling and approval of competitions and tournaments to foster the growth of the sport. It is structured with a volunteer Board leading strategic direction, a dedicated paid workforce managing day-to-day operations, and a substantial number of volunteers who play a crucial role in our activities.

In order to ensure the successful development of ice hockey in England and Wales, England Ice Hockey collaborates with various stakeholders, including Ice Hockey UK (IHUK), Scottish Ice Hockey (SIH), the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), ice rinks across England and Wales, and our Member Clubs


England Ice Hockey has a membership comprising over 300 clubs throughout England and Wales. Over 9000 individuals are registered with EIH as players, with 1400+ coaches and managers also supported by EIH.

Who we are

  • The Company – Limited by Guarantee (Members)
  • The Board of Directors – elected by the Members (9)
  • The Founders of England Ice Hockey and the Company (4)
  • The Members of England Ice Hockey (430+)
  • The Volunteers of the various Sections (1,000+)
  • The participants who subscribe to England Ice Hockey Membership (9,000+)

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