Manager Steering Group update

A recent interview process has seen the Manager Steering Group revamped.

We now have twelve managers across the country all working for a common goal and we would like to congratulate and welcome eight new managers into the Manager Programme.

  • Lead: Lisa Howells
  • Existing: Sara Ball – Sheffield
  • Existing: Jackie Kynaston – Peterborough
  • Existing: Carol Jackson – Billingham
  • New: Charis Blythe – Chelmsford
  • New: Pawel Grzesiakowski – Sheffield
  • New: Danielle Duguid – Peterborough WNIHL, Romford Juniors
  • New: Lee Farrow – Bradford
  • New: Becky Vigar – Guildford
  • New: Caroline Hine – Sheffield
  • New: Phillipa Blackburn – Billingham
  • New: Julie Hollinshead – Milton Keynes

Speaking about the Group and its wider ambitions, General Manager Vicki Fidler said: “I am really looking forward to collaborating with our new managers and revamping the steering group.

“We need to ensure that the programme continues to evolve, and the pathway continues to work for all managers and assistant managers.

“The managers we interviewed were all asked what their passions as a manager were. Their answers told us exactly who we needed within the group.

“With this passion, experience, and the feedback from last year’s courses I am excited to see the programme moving forward in a positive direction.

“Looking at where managers have come in the past three years is astounding, we now have well-trained and competent managers all over the country. Issues which would previously occur on a regular basis are now non-existent, which shows how far the programme has come.”

We have now interviewed and appointed Lisa Howells as the Steering Group and Manager Forum Lead.

Lisa has a wealth of experience as a manager and has conducted multiple roles from club chair, club secretary as well as Technical Director within showcase and England programmes. Lisa also works as an IT Consultant so will be a great asset to the programme.

The first item on the Manager Steering Group’s agenda is to overhaul manager training for 2024/25.

We have some great ideas for the training this year but need a wider group of expertise to make this happen. We must ensure that our focus remains and continues with the collaboration with other EIH sections.

Last year, the work the National Safeguarding Team conducted at the manager courses proved to be a huge success, all over the country. We want to continue this work but also engage with other sections too.

The dates needed to go into your diaries for this year’s training events are 8th & 9th June 2024. There will continue to be a blended approach to training, and this will be disclosed in more detail in the coming weeks.

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