Medical sabbatical for long-serving EIHA team member

The board of the English Ice Hockey Association is saddened to announce that one of our most dedicated and long-serving team members, Val Wilkinson, will be taking a medical sabbatical leave for a period of three months, starting October 2.

Val has been an integral part of our organisation for over 40 years, contributing her unwavering dedication to various crucial roles within our association.

Her commitment to the prompt registration of our young players has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The decision to take a medical sabbatical is not one that Val has taken lightly. It is a necessary step to prioritise her health and wellbeing, which is of paramount importance to us.

We fully support Val in her journey towards recovery, and offer our heartfelt wishes for a swift and complete recuperation.

During her absence, the board has taken comprehensive measures to ensure the smooth continuity of her responsibilities. Details will be emailed to the junior club secretaries later today. 

We kindly request that Val’s privacy be respected during her sabbatical. We will not be disclosing specific details of her medical condition to honour her privacy and confidentiality. 

Val, we want you to know that your absence will be felt deeply within our organisation, and we eagerly await your return after your well-deserved period of rest and recovery.

Your contributions to the EIHA have been invaluable, and your dedication has set an example for us all.

We, along with the entire ice hockey community, send our best wishes and positive thoughts to Val for a successful and speedy recovery. We look forward to welcoming you back with open arms when you are ready to return. 

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