Update: WNIHL Finals

In response to enquiries from several clubs regarding the WNIHL Finals schedule, Faye Andrews, the general manager of the WNIHL Section, has been diligently collaborating with senior management at iceSheffield to explore various avenues of support for the WNIHL Finals. whilst ensuring players’ wellbeing is not compromised.

While England Ice Hockey had previously communicated the schedule dates in accordance with competition regulations and announced them at last year’s AGM, we understand the difficulties clubs have raised and extend our gratitude to iceSheffield management and its patrons for their flexibility and accommodation.

Their willingness to allocate additional ice time and adjust existing bookings has enabled the WNIHL section to revise its schedule, ensuring smoother proceedings for all involved.

England Ice Hockey acknowledges the complexities surrounding the scheduling of the WNIHL championship weekend and extends its sincere apologies for any inconveniences experienced by clubs.

We remain committed to collaborating closely with clubs, rinks, and fixtures secretaries to mitigate such occurrences in the future and ensure the WNIHL remains a leading priority in the growth of our sport.

The new schedule can be found below:

Game #      Face off Time           Scheduled game


1           4.00pm                  U16 semi-final 1
2           5.45pm                  U16 semi-final 2
3           7.30pm                  Elite play-off


4           9.00am                  W1 semi-final 1
5           11.15am                 W1 semi-final 2
6           1.30pm                  Elite semi-final 1
7           3.45pm                  Elite semi-final 2
8           6.00pm                  W2 semi-final 1
9           8.15pm                  W2 semi-final 2


10          9.00am                  U16 final
11          11.00am                 W2 final
12          1.15pm                  W1 final
13          4.00pm                  Elite final

Bauer Arena at iceSheffield will continue to be the venue for 13 games across three days from Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June, as outlined above.

Play-off titles for the Elite League, Division 1 and Division 2 will be decided, as well as the U16s National Championship. The final game of the weekend will be the Elite League final, taking place at 4pm on the Sunday.

Everyone at EIH is looking forward to bringing another exciting season of women’s hockey to a thrilling conclusion.

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