Val Wilkinson retires from EIH role after over 40 years service

After over 40 years of service to ice hockey in the UK, England Ice Hockey are saddened to announce the retirement of our longest-serving member, Val Wilkinson.

We announced at the beginning of October that Val was to be taking a short sabbatical leave from the organisation to concentrate on her health and wellbeing.

Val has always been an integral part of our organisation, ensuring players are registered quickly and efficiently, and being part of the sport Val cares so much about for so long.

Val remains in regular contact with members of England Ice Hockey, asking about events like Mighty Mites, which she was delighted to hear of the success of the Winter Classic in December, and the number of players participating in her favourite event.

We hope that Val will be well enough to come to Sheffield in May as our guest to see the Mighty Mites at the 2024 Showcase event.

On behalf of the members of England Ice Hockey past and present, we’d like to say a huge thank you to a remarkable woman for her time, commitment and passion in making our sport grow over many years.

Thank you, Val!

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