Chelmsford growth continues as new team set to launch

The growth of women’s ice hockey in Chelmsford is set for another major boost, with the imminent launch of a new development team.

Last season, the Chelmsford Cobras women’s team, who have been running for over 35 years, opened their doors to a new level of development and created a new team called the Chelmsford Pythons.

The Pythons joined the WNIHL 2, which aided the development of many players coming from the academy, new players joining the programme and some of their veterans wanting to step back from the commitment of a WNIHL 1 Team.

The club saw a huge increase in players within the Chelmsford women’s programme, and put development at the forefront of our minds.

This year, they are taking this a step further and have created yet another level to aid in the development of female players.

They welcome a new development team called “the Adders” over the coming weeks. Chelmsford will be adding new players to the Adders development team and aim to increase their game play by participating in the Women’s Development Cup.

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