Disciplinary | Saturday 23 March

Following last weekend’s NIHL action, the England Ice Hockey discipline department have issued the following sanctions:

  • Alex Kent (Hull Jets) – 10 game suspension, 5 games suspended until 31st December – Physical abuse of officials. Any further penalty for abuse of officials will trigger the second part of the suspension
  • Harry Hatfield (Slough Jets) – 5 game suspension – 3 games for fighting, third player into an altercation. 2 games for surpassing +10 penalty points threshold
  • Jake Williams (Oxford City Stars) – 3 game suspension – Fighting, third player into an altercation
  • Reece Wickens (Sheffield Scimitars) – 3 game suspension – Kneeing, poorly-timed check, player injured but returned to game
  • Alex Clarke (Streatham Black Hawks NIHL 2) – 10 game suspension – Fighting off the playing surface after the final buzzer. However, only 7 matches will be served due to previous suspension served by the club
  • Tristan Grimshaw (Nottingham Lions NIHL 2) – 2 game suspension – Boarding, recklessly endangering an opponent
  • Joe Morris (Bristol Pitbulls) – 2 game suspension – Cross-checking, recklessly endangering an opponent

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