As part of this initiative, the EIH is partnering with Hockey is Diversity to distribute specially-designed pride stickers to all NIHL, WNIHL and junior teams across the country.

EIH vice-chair Duncan Hough said: “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Hockey is Diversity in striving to promote an inclusive environment within our sport.

“Ice hockey is for everyone, and by participating in Pride Week, we reinforce our commitment to diversity and acceptance.”

Hockey is Diversity has been at the forefront of advocating for equality in hockey, working to create a more welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds and identities. They have previously worked together with NHL, NHLPA, NHL Coaches’ Association and the DEL.

Wez Spurrett, Hockey is Diversity regional officer in the UK, said: “We cannot be more grateful of the support and collaboration from the EIH in promoting diversity within our sport, and we are incredibly excited to continue to celebrate our partnership with this year’s Pride Week involvement.

“It gives us immense pride knowing that every player in the country, regardless of gender or age, will be able to display their support for our ‘hockey is for everyone’ message. Together we win.”

The EIH encourages clubs and players to show their support for Pride Week 2024, with the aim of fostering an environment where everyone feels welcomed and respected, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Clubs are invited to get involved in any way they can, whether that’s through using colourful stick tape, creating Pride jerseys, or inviting LGBTQ+ charities and initiatives to their games and events.

The EIHA’s third annual pride week will run from 19-28 January 2024, and features all clubs in the NIHL, WNIHL, and junior leagues.

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