EIHA join forces with Hockey is Diversity

There is no place in our sport for any acts of racism or discrimination.  

In the past few seasons, there have been several reports of racist language being used within our sport. The simple message is this is not acceptable and not welcome within our family game.

We welcome diversity within ice hockey, and all are welcome to join the sport we love, but this is a stain on our great game. 

The EIHA have joined forces with Hockey is Diversity to check this out of the sport.

Any reports of racism or discrimination will be investigated by the EIHA Discipline team, working closely with Hockey is Diversity to ensure that this type of behaviour is eradicated from our sport.

Members of the ice hockey community are encouraged to challenge such behaviour and report any such activity to the EIHA or confidentially to Hockey is Diversity via their website: www.hockeyisdiversity.de/report 

EIHA chair Barrie Archer stated “We live in a multicultural society and there is simply no place for this type of behaviour within our sport.  

“This is a clear message for those that wish to use racist language or behaviour that it is not wanted within our sport, and we will fully investigate any allegations of this type of behaviour and take all necessary steps to remove it from out sport.

“We play a fast, hard game, but there is no rationale or reason for using such language. Working with Hockey is Diversity is a step forward to ensure that a third party can see that we are investigating any claims correctly, and doing all that is possible to remove this vile behaviour from our sport.

“We will be working closely with the IHUK referees and our own inclusion and diversity section to investigate ways that we can do this.”

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