Val Wilkinson pens message to ice hockey community

Val Wilkinson has penned a message to the ice hockey community, following news of her recent decision to retire from her role at England Ice Hockey after 40 years of service to the sport in the UK.


Since 1983 I have worked with so many people – officials, club officials, helpers, supporters and players, especially the players who I have followed over the years from stick and puck to playing for Great Britain, England and Scotland. You have all done me proud.

In whatever capacity we have worked under, I call you all my friends, up and down the country.

This is not how I wanted to leave ice hockey, just disappearing of the face of an ice rink. I would’ve liked to have left when I was ready and given you all warning in advance.  Unfortunately this was not to be. My health decided differently.

I cannot fault the NHS – they have been magnificent with me and are battling for me with my treatments, and I can’t go without acknowledging the support I have had from the EIH, thank you.

I may see some of you as I am coming to the NHL Finals in Sheffield in April, and I am definitely coming to see MY Mighty Mites in May. I will not forget your treats. Only my health will keep me away.

Thanks everyone for you friendship and help in doing my job.  I have always tried to be fair, and I always said there is a solution for every problem.

In all the years, I think the biggest compliment I received was from a club registration secretary: “Val, at least we know if you say yes to one club you mean every club, and if you say no it’s for every club too!”



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